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Tupac war ein Workoholic, jemand der erst dann zufrieden war, wenn er an einem Tag 5 oder 6 Songs aufgenommen hat. Jemand, der immer unter Strom stand und nicht stillstehen konnte. Das macht sich heute bemerkbar, denn nach seinem Tod kommen mehr Songs raus als vor seinem Tod. Und der Mann war erst 25 Jahre alt! Was hätte er also noch alles geschafft, wenn er nicht am 13. September 1996 gestorben wäre? Das kann niemand sagen, die Anzahl seiner Songs ist auch so unglaublich und es wurde immer noch nicht alles Material veröffentlicht, es gibt immer noch einige Songs, die bis heute unveröffentlicht sind. Hier findet ihr eine Liste, diese ist jedoch nicht offiziell bestätigt und muss so wie sie hier steht nicht genau stimmen!

  4 My Niggaz with Storm
4 My Niggaz (Remix) with Storm
All About U (Video Shoot)
All Out (OG) with The Outlawz
Ambitionz As A Ridah (Mike Tyson Dedicated Version)
Bitches (with Intro) with Greg Nice & The Bootkamp Click
Black Jesuz (OG) with The Outlawz
Brothaz At Arms with Buckshot
Brothaz At Arms (Alt Version) with Buckshot
Bury Me A G (Solo)
Can U Get Away (Hot Mix)
Can U Get Away (Ragga Mix)
Catchin' Feelings (OG)
Cause I Had 2
Cause I Had 2 (Radio Edit)
Cause I Had 2 (Remix)
Confessions (OG) with Bizzy Bone
Confessions (Alt Intro) (OG) with Bizzy Bone
Cradle 2 The Grave (with Moe-Z verse)
Danger Time with The Live Squad
Days Of A Criminal (Remix)
Days Of A Criminal (Remix II)
Deadly Combination (Remix) with Big L & The Notorious BIG
Die with Kausion & Tha Dogg Pound
Don't Call Me, Bitch
Don't Go 2 Sleep
Don't Go 2 Sleep (OG)
Don't Stop (OG) with Tha Dogg Pound
Everything They Owe (OG)
Fade Me with The Outlawz
Fair Xchange (OG)
Fake Ass Bitches (OG)
First 2 Bomb
First 2 Bomb (Mike Dean Mix)
First 2 Bomb (OG)
First 2 Bomb (OG Instrumental)
Friends (OG)
Fright Night (aka What'cha Gonna Do) (OG) with Storm
Fuck All Yall (OG)
Fuckin' With The Wrong Nigga (OG)
Get It On with Grand Puba, Heavy D & The Notorious BIG
Ghetto Gospel
Ghetto Star (OG) with Bad Azz
Ghetto Star (OG) (Edited) with Bad Azz
Good Life (OG)
Grab The Mic
Happy Home (OG)
Hell 4 A Hustler (OG) with The Outlawz
Hellrazor (OG)
Hit Em Up 2 with The Outlawz
House Of Pain with The Notorious BIG & Stretch
If U Really Want It (Let Em Have It OG) with Jewell
Is It Cool 2 Fuck with Thug Life
Just Watchin' (Clip)
Late Night (OG) with DJ Quik & The Outlawz
Late Night 2 (Radio Edit) with DJ Quik & AMG
Let's Fight with The Bootkamp Click, Greg Nice, Asu & Capital LS
Let's Get It On
Let's Get It, Letz Fight
Letter 2 The President (OG) with The Outlawz & Big Syke
Life's So Hard (OG)
Lil Homies (OG)
Lost Souls (Remix) with The Outlawz
Losin' It (OG) with Big Syke & Spice-1
Military Mind (OG) with The Bootkamp Click
Military Mind (Different Take) with The Bootkamp Click
My Closest Road Dogs (OG No Skip) with Big Syke
Never Be Peace (OG) with Marvalous & Storm
One Nation with The Bootkamp Click
Only Fear Of Death 1 (OG)
Only Fear Of Death 2 (OG)
Open Fire (OG)
Out On Bail (Live Clip)
Out The Moon (Boom Boom) (OG) LBC Crew without 2Pac
Out The Moon (Boom Boom) (Daz Remix) (OG) LBC Crew without 2Pac
Pac's Life
Play Your Cards Right
Pop This Shit (Snoop Doggy Dogg Bootleg with Pac Outro)
R U Still Down (OG) (Full)
Rather Be Ya Lover (OG) with Madonna
Ready 4 Whatever (OG) with Big Syke
Representin 4 Ron G with Keith Murray & Stretch
Resist The Temptation
Runnin' On E (OG) with The Outlawz
Secretz Of War (Full Version) (OG) with The Outlawz
Secretz Of War (Solo 2nd Verse)
Soon As I Get Home with Kadafi
Starin' Thru My Rearview (Movie Version) with The Outlawz
Still I Rise (OG)
Street Fame II (OG)
Streetlife with Prince Ital Joe & Snoop Doggy Dogg
Sucka 4 Love (aka Do For Love Original) with G-Money
Tattoo Tears (OG) with The Outlawz
Tear Drops & Closed Caskets (Different Version) (OG) with The Outlawz
Teardrops & Closed Caskets (OG) with The Outlawz
Tearz Of A Clown
Temptations (Moe-Z Remix)
The Struggle Continues (Full Intro)
The Thug In Me with Faith Evans
They Don't Give A Fuck About Us (MD Mix) with The Outlawz
They Don't Give A Fuck About Us (OG) with The Outlawz
This Life I Lead (OG) with Kausion & Tha Dogg Pound
Throw Ya Hands Up (Moe-Z Mix)
Thug 4 Life
Thug Life with Thug Life
Thug Luv II with Bone Thugs-N-Harmony
Thug Nigga with LS, Greg Nice & Asu
Thugs Get Lonely Too with Tech9ne
Thugs Get Lonely Too (Solo)
Thugstyle (OG)
Time After Time with OFTB & Kurupt
Time After Time (Changed Lyric Version) with OFTB & Kurupt
U Don't Have 2 Worry (OG)
Um Dumpin' (Fucc Tha Police)
Unconditional Love (Unedited)
Unconditional Luv (MC Hammer Version)
Until The End Of Time (OG)
Untouchable Freestyle
What Goes On with Mouse Man & The Wycked
What I'll Do For Love with Strictly Dope
What's Next with The Live Squad & Prince Ital Joe
When I Get Free (OG)
When Thugs Cry (OG)
When We Ride (Remix) with The Outlawz
When We Ride On Our Enemies (OG)
Where My Souljahs At with The Bootkamp Click
Wherever U R (aka Show Stop) with Big Daddy Kane
Who Do Ya Luv with Stretch
Who Do You Believe In (OG) with Kadafi & Big Pimpin'
Who Do You Believe In (OG) with Kadafi
Worldwide Mob Figgaz (OG)
Words To My First Born (DJ Quick's 1st Remix)
Words To My First Born (OG) with Nutzo
Worldwide Mob Figgaz (OG) with The Outlawz
Wrote The Glory

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